Our Dear Hajj2020 applicant,

Our commitment to keep you informative as soon as possible through our direct channel of Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, Makkah Saudi Arabia.

So far the Hajj2020 organization, its going as planned, however due to COVID -19, the ministry asking us not to commit to any new agreement, till farther notice, therefore we implementing this new policy:

  1. For our registered applicants: not to progress  with any new payment, since March 14,2020.
  2. For new applicant: you may register without initial payment, and we will inform you whenever Hajj2020 is confirmed by Ministry of Hajj.

The ministry of Hajj and our company are following all the development of this unforeseen situation closely,

We believe by the end of Ramada (around May 25,2020), the Ministry will make a decision in regard Hajj2020. we will keep you update insha Allah,

May Allah accept your intention and effort.

Best Regards,

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Labayk Hajj



Visaenterprise is the first and only agency located in the National Capital region, Ottawa and authorized by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Saudi Embassy to provide Umrah, Hajj and other services.


Visaenterprise’s professional and customized quality service, focuses on the well-being of our clients by providing a stress-free Hajj and Umrah journey. We strongly advise you to watch our YouTube channel for “Hajj Heath advisory” in order to care for your health during your Hajj trip.


Our support team specializes in logistical services, allowing you to focus on your worship.  Also, Religious Leaders are available to assure your rituals are performed in accordance to the teaching of our Prophet  (peace be upon him).


Neighboring the KSA Embassy and the Ministry of Global Affairs Canada authentication division allows us to conduct business effectively, swiftly anddirectly face to face. We are the only Canadian company with this advantage.

Labayk Hajj is ready and prepared for any situation relating to the COVID-19. (Coronavirus).

  • Visaenterprise and its Labaykhajj section – are offering to our Hajj applicant starting from March 14, 2020, The following:
  • Hajj registration without payment
  • Therefore you can secure your hajj spot without payment till Hajj 2020 is confirmed by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah.
  • Labaykhajj will inform you directly and personally
  • As soon as we complete the official hajj documentations for the upcoming Hajj season. Labaykhajj staff will contact you to complete your application others’ hajj requirements.
  • Secure your hajj 2020 spot without initial payment. Solid medical session. We care about your peace of mind!
  • May Allah accept and reward you for your hajj intention and effort.

Take a note:

  • The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah invites licensed agencies to visit Makkah to complete the official hajj documentations around Ramadan (May 2020)
  • Labaykhajj policy is “first come, first served “.
  • Lavaykhajj- will provide you a solid medical session, that focuses on your health and wellbeing throughout the Hajj trip.


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The only Umrah visa company licensed by the Ministry of Hajj, Saudi Embassy, IATA and TICO, located in the Canadian capital, Ottawa. Our main office is neighboring KSA embassy, Ottawa, Canada.

Why Visaenterprise is Saudi Arabia’s first choice for processing your Umrah visa:

  • Ottawa’s only licensed Umrah firm
  • Neighboring KSA embassy and fastest processing time
  • Specialized professional team in Umrah tours
  • Quality and customization to suit your needs

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Have any QUESTION?

Feel free to contact us if you have any Question.