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This section of Q & A is dedicated to all issues of Hajj and Umrah concern logistic services and current policies, Labaykhajj – expert committee will review your inquiry and provide you with a sound respond privately and will publish the general question for the benefit of others.

Hajj Logostic Q & A

Yes, you can apply through agency OR NUSUK, however its worth explaining that the Hajj packages approved by Nusuk (Ministry of Hajj & Umrah electronic system), contains many items such as a return flight ticket from Canada -> Saudi Arabia -> Canada, land transportation in Saudi Arabia, hotel & tent for accommodation, food, hajj visa and so on. The package fee must be paid in FULL to ministry of Hajj. Therefore, the Ticket can not be customized.

Hajj’s pilgrim must travel & departure with his/her group.

A: Simply, you must travel from Canada to Saudi Arabia with your fixed group ticket, however you may arrange and buy a ticket to travel to your home country or any other country on your own. This will not affect your package fee.

Note: Package fee is fixed, and must be paid in full to the Ministry of Hajj as your package specified. This the Ministry of Hajj policy.

A: This can be done by your own; remember you must travel from Canada to KSA and exit Saudi Arabia with your group in general. But if you would like to buy your own flight ticket From Saudi to any other destination you can.

Note: Package fee is fixed and must be paid in full as per Ministry of Hajj policy.

No. you must purchase the package with full price as indicated, this the policy of Ministry of Hajj. You must travel from Canada to KSA and exit Saudi Arabia with your group in general.

Note: Package fee is fixed and must be paid in full.

Room occupancy is the number of guests staying in a room, such as Double for two guests, Triple for tree guests, Quad for four guests.

Can be Double, Triple, Quad or more…

Hajj packages are created by the Saudi Hajj authorized company by the ministry of hajj, then submitted for approval by the ministry of Hajj, and finally shown in the Nusuk system.

The Saudi authorized company is the body that is responsible for all services for its pilgrims, that include: hajj visa, flight ticket, land transportation in Saudi Arabia, hotel & tent for accommodation, food, and so on. The Hajj visa will be issued after you fully paid for your Hajj package.

The Canadian agency since Hajj 2023 became responsible for religious affairs of your hajj group, educational, spiritual, performance of your hajj rituals. Labaykhajj, group leaders/Imams assume no liability whatsoever for the services during Hajj as this is the responsibility of the Ministry of Hajj and the Saudi Hajj company (the sponsor) as they are the exclusive Hajj service provider.

  • You may register with Labaykhajj, and Labaykhajj will book your Hajj package completely on your behalf, through our expert team in Nusuk B2C system. (Labaykhajj booked and served over 300 spots in Hajj 2023)
  • (Smart technique): Smart, secure and hassle-free booking, that will allow the applicant to relax and be served by an expert team in the B2C system. Payment will be processed and handled by our team in Saudi Arabia, in order to ensure accuracy, efficiency, time sensitivity and a successful outcome.
  • LabaykHajj – Imams and group leaders are to ensure that your Hajj rituals are performed according to the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and that you obtain a “Hajj Mabroor”. We are also here to minimize the difficulties that pilgrims will face during the Hajj trip as well as making them steadfast towards the journey’s ultimate goal, a successful and accepted Hajj.
  • No booking fee required.
  • Our service is offered for Canadian regular passport holders and other nationals passport holders with PRC. At this time. Saudi Arabia do not permit Travel document holder to travel to KSA.
  • Our service is on a first come, first served basis.

Since the Hajj of 2023, the Ministry of Hajj implemented the age policy that any applicant must be 12 years old or older, which means applicants with old age is allowed. However, Umrah is allowed for any age.

Hajj Registration, Application & Process

The Hajj application system, which used to be straightforward before the pandemic, involved checking the Saudi embassy Hajj page for a list of authorized Hajj companies and selecting one for their hajj process and package. However, since 2020, the process has undergone significant changes. For Hajj 2023, particularly in Canada, the USA, and Europe, the Ministry of Hajj has authorized Saudi Arabian companies as Hajj Service Providers. These Hajj providers must cooperate with Canadian entities for religious guidance, and their responsibilities are limited in scope.

Some individuals, seemingly well-intentioned, position themselves as advisers or experts in the new Hajj system. However, in reality, their knowledge may be limited to a basic understanding of a few Qur’anic verses or Hadith, presenting themselves as Islamic Scholars in Tafsir and Fiqh. It is crucial for our community to exercise caution with individuals who claim expertise without valid credentials.

To trust Hajj information and ensure a successful process, it is advisable to rely on Canadian Hajj companies actively participating in Hajj 2023 and successfully processed applications for Canadian pilgrims. Approximately six Canadian companies are involved in Hajj 2023, each with different levels of involvement. Labayk Hajj, with all humility and gratitude to Allah, facilitated the Hajj 2023 process, securing 316 pilgrims from Canada, representing about 24% of the Canadian quota in Hajj 2023.

Yes, every applicant must process their application through Nusuk, but this point is often misunderstood. The reality is that Hajj applications must be submitted through Nusuk, and anyone, including family members, friends, or experts in Nusuk such as the Labayk Hajj team, can handle the application. The success of the Hajj application depends on correct processing according to the Nusuk System, regardless of who applies, manages, or pays for it.

Not at all. Nusuk is an electronic system, and the important aspect is following the process correctly, regardless of who is behind the scenes processing the application.

Remember that Hajj applications must be submitted through the Hajj electronic system, Nusuk. However, applicants can complete the process themselves if they are fully confident about it, or they can designate someone else to apply on their behalf. The electronic system will function correctly with the proper application and process, regardless of who is actually behind it.

After fully comprehending the current Hajj application and registration process, the choice is yours,

Labayk Hajj team is ready to service and secure your hajj application, so you can be the next guest of Allah by the will of your Creator, The Benefactor, The Generous.

For more information, please visit www.labaykhajj.ca or email: info@labaykhajj.ca

Labayk Hajj is ready to serve you, whenever you are ready

The Nusuk system does not allow the same passport to be registered more than once. Therefore, if you want us to register you, you must not have an account or delete your account with Nusuk if you already have one.

We understand your situation. However, since the Hajj of 2023, the Ministry of Hajj implemented an age policy requiring any applicant to be 12 years old or older. This policy may change, Allah knows best. The Ministry of Hajj & Umrah annually holds a conference in Jeddah, scheduled for January 8-11, 2024, where they announce the Hajj policies for the upcoming year.

Nusuk Hajj is the online platform overseen by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, offering pilgrims from serviced countries various Hajj packages provided by authorized service providers for a seamless experience. The LabaykHajj expert team on the Nusuk system ensures correct registration, from online registration to booking the desired Hajj package, payment, applying for the Hajj visa, and flight ticket, providing peace of mind for applicants.

Yes, you can delete your account by selecting ‘Delete Account’ in your profile. Ensure to withdraw any remaining balance in your eWallet if you have any and delink or delete family members before proceeding, as this action will permanently delete all records and data.

Yes, pilgrims under the age of 12 are not accepted for Hajj this year (1445 AH – 2024 AD).

No, registering on the platform does not guarantee acceptance. Packages and payment details will be available later. We will add you to Labaykhajj Hajj groupchat and you may subscribe to the newsletter for updates on reservation opening dates.

Your submitted data will be verified, and you’ll be notified of updates. Stay informed through our website and Labaykhajj WhatsAAp group platform’s for latest news and subscribe to the newsletter for the most recent updates.

Details of packages and the booking process will be announced later. Stay updated by following the latest news on the Labaykhajj website and Labaykhajj WhatsAAp group, subscribing to the newsletter for announcements.

Our service is offered for Canadian Regular passport holders and other nationals with a Permanent Resident Card in Canada (PRC).

Message: Salam Alaykoum. I was viewing your Hajj packages; however, I am wondering if you offer customizable packages. I want to stay for 5-7 days between Mecca and Madina, but it seems like all packages are offered for 2 weeks. Thank you.

A: Saudi Arabia requires a minimum stay of 11 days for Hajj, including 4 days before, 6 days during, and 1 day after Hajj. Visiting Madinah adds to the total stay. Customizing packages might be limited due to these requirements.

I am a Canadian Muslim living and working in Dubai, UAE, interested in going to next year’s Hajj InshaAllah. I was told I have to apply through a Canadian company in Canada, but I can travel from Dubai directly without having to come to Canada:

A: You can apply through NUSUK or an agency linked to Canadian guidance. Note that approved Hajj packages include items like round-trip flights from Canada, land transportation in Saudi Arabia, accommodation, food, and a Hajj visa. The package fee must be paid in FULL to the Ministry of Hajj.

A: For Hajj 2024, reservations are from/to Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver. Select one of them, considering that group departure and return are designed with the respective city. Refer to the previous question and answer for additional details.

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