Visaenterprise – Ottawa’s Only Official Hajj & Umrah Company. Federally registered and incorporated in the Province of Ontario, duly Licensed by TICO, IATA, as well as the Saudi Embassy and the Ministry of Hajj & Umrah, is pleased to announce the launch “Labayk Hajj”, its Hajj & Umrah division that provides information and services for applicants and future pilgrims to the Holy Land in Hejaz, Saudi Arabia.

We provide an educational, spiritual and professional services for the pilgrims. Our goal is to please Allah first by providing the highest quality service in the field of Hajj and Umrah, that puts the pilgrims first in every aspect of his/her holy journey.

2020 Hajj Packages Comparison Chart

  • Pack 1
  • Pack 2
  • Pack 3
  • Pack 4
  • Pack 5
  • Pack 6
  • Pack 7
Pack 1Pack 2Pack 3Pack 4Pack 5Pack 6Pack 7
40 Prayers ECO
40 Prayers in Madinah VIP A
40 Prayers in Madinah VIP A
Smart Premium A
Smart Premium B
Smart Executive A
Smart Executive B
Estimated Travel DatesJuly 23,2020July 23,2020July 23,2020July 23,2020July 23,2020July 23,2020July 23,2020
Estimated Return DatesAugust 13,2020August 13,2020August 13,2020August 11,2020August 11,2020August 8,2020August 8,2020
Modification of early return(subject to availability)
Makkah Hotel 5*5*5*5*5*5*5*
Meal type @ the Hotels (HB= Breakfast & Dinner)HBHBHBHBHBHBHB
Shifting accommodation in Makkah
Hajj Building
Madinah Hotel4*5*5*5*5*5*5*
Meal type @ the Hotels (HB= Breakfast & Dinner)HBHBHBHBHBHBHB
Sightseeing in Madinah
Celebration night in Madinah
Estimated walking time from camp to Jamarat40 MINUTES40 MINUTES10 MINUTES40 MINUTES10 MINUTES40 MINUTES10 MINUTES
Sleeping mat @ Arafat & Muzdalifa
Sacrifice(Qurbani)- completed by 9:00am on 10 of Dhul Hijjah, by Allah permission through authorized Islamic Development Bank official partner.
Hajj Mutawif fee
Saudi Taxes
Package fee in Can$ (Occupancy Quad)10,99514,30015,49514,00015,25013,20014,695
Package fee in Can$ (Occupancy Triple)11,69514,70015,99514,70015,65013,75014,995
Package fee in Can$ (Occupancy Double)12,39515,34516,69915,34516,50014,20015,300
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Hajj Requirements

  • Vital Info
  • Hajj Requirements
  • Proof Of Relationship
  • Alternative Evidence
  • Hajj and Umrah – one of the rituals that our Muslim community has always been practicing and will continue to as part of our religious practice. Each year thousands of Canadian Muslims travel for Hajj and Umrah, it’s time for Muslim organizations to provide the service with a trusted licensed & professional company that has a consumer protection policy in place and puts the customer first. This the only way to provide a trusted & regulated service for our Muslim community and protect them from illegal street vendors. LabaykHajj – was created in order to incorporate all the above benefits in order for this important religious journey to be taken to the next level of quality service.
  • Our company provides a variety of Smart Hajj Packages offered to fit your needs. In order to assist you please read this page carefully.
  • Registration for Hajj 2020 packages is open now, First come, first serve
  • If your planning a side trip with your Hajj journey you must inform us ahead of time so we may customize the ticket for you. Additional fees will apply.
  • limited space plan ahead & book your spot today!
  • Applicants must be a Canadian citizen or holding a Canadian permanent residence card. (If applicant holds multiple nationalities, he/she must apply with Canadian passport).
  • Mahram must be a male relative at least 18 years of age, applying his visa application at same time with applicant and entering Saudi Arabia at same flight. Your Mahram can be only one of the following: {Father, Brother, Uncle (Father’s Brother or Mother’s Brother), Grandfather, Nephew (son of your brother or your sister), Stepfather, Stepson, Son-in-law and Father-in-law).
  • Women 45 years old may apply for Hajj, will be in group of women, may require a Mahram’s permission.
  • An original applicant’s machine-readable passport in good condition (no damages). With following terms:
    • ✔ The passport must include first/given names and last/Surname.
    • ✔ Include the city and country of birth.
    • ✔ It must also be valid for more than six months from the application date.(to be safe make sure your passport is valid more than 8 moths when you return back to Canada).
    • ✔ Contains at least two side by side blank pages for the hajj visa stamp plus additional four blank pages for other stamps.
    • ✔ Travel document is not acceptable for Hajj application.
    • ✔ Non Canadian passport is acceptable for Hajj application if the applicant has a valid Canadian Permanent Residency Card.
  • Visa application form (Typed out or hand written in block letters), please see Form below.
  • Four recent color Photographs, professionally taken only within past 6 months (Canadian passport size is acceptable) on a plain white background.
  • A copy of Immunization Card / document showing vaccination against Meningitis (one dose of ACYW135 vaccine) for adults. The vaccine is valid for a period of 5 years. Meningitis and POLIO record for children under 15 years old. (Do not submit the original PR card)
  • Non-Canadian applicants must submit a clear notarized copy of their valid Permanent resident card by a Canadian notary public. (front and back of the PR card). Also, must be stamped/ legalized by the Global Affairs Canada authentication section. (Do not submit the original PR card).
  • Proof of relationship to your Mahram is required, if you are applying for Hajj as female (age less than 45 years old) or as child (less than 18 years old). (i.e. a marriage certificate for the spouse, and a birth certificate for a child, brothers, sisters, indicating name of parents etc.).
  • Permission note: If a child (less than 18 years of age) applying for Umrah or Hajj without his parents or one of them, a notarized by notary public and stamped by Global Affairs Canada permission letter must be submitted from the absent parent or both if they are not traveling with child.
  • Applicants who have reverted/converted to Islam must submit a statement from any Islamic Center showing their conversion to Islam.
  • Proof of relationship to the Mahram is accepted with the following guidelines:
  • If the certificate is issued from Canada, please submit a notarized copy by a Canadian notary public and authenticated by the Global Affairs Canada authentication section. (we can provide assistance with the legalization for your document at Global affairs Canada- which located only in Ottawa)
  • If Birth or Marriage Certificate is issued from outside Canada (not Saudi or any other Arab country) it should be:
  • In or translated to English, French or Arabic.
  • Notarized by a Canadian notary public or by the embassy of the issuing country in Canada plus stamped by Global Affairs Canada.
  • If Birth or Marriage Certificate is issued from Saudi Arabia or any others Arabic Countries, showing the relationship then a simple clear copy is accepted. Also a copy of an old Iqama (Saudi resident card).
  • If you have a valid or expired Pakistani passport or Pakistani National Identity card (NICOP) or Indian passport, must be:
  • Showing the relationship clearly (Full names of the father or mother or husband).
  • A notarized copy by a Canadian notary public or High commission in Canada, and Authenticated by the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs (Global Affairs Canada).
  • IF Syrian, Palestinian, Sudanese, Egyptian passport (passport with full name First, Father, Grandfather and family names) or any official family book record simple copy is accepted.

Our Religious Guidance

Our religious guidance provided by experienced leading scholars in English, French,
Arabic, and Urdu, you will have the opportunity to make your Hajj with following Imams:

Imam Anver Malam


Imam Dr. Shabir Ally

(GTA Toronto)


(GTA Toronto)

Sh. Junaid A. Bhaiyat

(GTA Toronto)


Imam Ali Danab


Bro. Hesham Alaghbari


Dr. Mohamed Mosloh


Imam Sherif Ayoup


Registration process: (First come first service)

Registration Form

Registration Process: (First Come First Served)

Visa Application & Payment Forms

Learn More about How To Perform Hajj and Umrah