Registration is open for Hajj 2024/1445

السلام عليكم
Asallamu alaikum our Canadian Muslim community, LabaykHajj is ready to serve you again.

Latest news about Hajj 2023, & Hajj 2024

Labaykhajj is pleased to announce to Canadian Muslims that we have served over 300 Canadian pilgrims in Hajj 2023 to perform their hajj successfully, this year of Hajj 2024 we will be offering our service for Canadian Muslims with partnership with Saudi Hajj operator/service provider in line with new guidelines and processes of the Ministry of Hajj. Our licensed partnership with the Saudi company will guarantee you a secure Hajj, with the support of a logistic team and top-tier Canadian Imams which will make your guided Hajj safe, comfortable, and free of confusion while in the performance of your rituals.

Registration Techniques for Hajj 2024:

1. First technique (Smart technique):

2. Second technique (Self- independent technique):

Comparison between the Hajj registration techniques:

Take a note:

Smart Executive VIP Hajj: Montreal

Madinah First

Smart Premium Hajj: Montreal

Madinah First​

Smart Executive VIP Hajj: Toronto

Madinah First

Smart Premium Hajj: Toronto

Makkah First

Smart Executive VIP Hajj: Vancouver

Madinah First

Smart Premium Hajj: Vancouver

Madinah First

Our Religious Guidance

Group leaders

Religious guidance is provided by treasured experienced leading scholars and students of knowledge.

Languages of the service

Our services are provided in Arabic, English, French, Urdu, Hindi, Somali and Russian.

Religious Guidance

Hajj will be based according to the Qur’an and Sunnah, as understood and practiced by the companions of our beloved Prophet Mohammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم peace and blessings be upon him) and our righteous predecessors.

Imam Anver Malam


Imam Dr. Shabir Ally

(GTA Toronto)

Sh. Junaid A. Bhaiyat

(GTA Toronto)


Imam Ali Danab


Bro. Hesham Alaghbari


Dr. Mohamed Mosloh


Imam Sherif Ayoup



(GTA Toronto)

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