Smart Premium Hajj A

  • Stay at North American camp in Mina
  • Makkah stay at newly built SWISSOTEL AL MAQAM 5* Hotel
  • Madinah stay at PULLMAN ZAMZAM 5* Hotel both located few MINUTES from Al-Haram
  • Modification of your return date available
  • Departure: Estimated Departure Date from Canada to Jeddah is: July 23rd, 2020
  • RETURN: Estimated Return Date from Madinah, Saudi Arabia is:  Aug 11th, 2020
  • MEMO: Estimated travel dates, Hotel accommodations, airlines, services and itinerary are subject to change due to airline scheduling, hotel planning , Hijri Calendar, traffic and weather conditions and as well as due to updates from the Ministry of Hajj. However, our staff will keep you informed. Kindly, check our website frequently for any updates.
  • NOTE: Arriving at Jeddah Airport
  • Makkah from 4-14, Madinah 14- 21
  • Departure from Madinah Airport

Package Accommodation

masjid nabawi


Pullman Zamzam Hotel Madina Southern side about 2 minute walk from Al-Masjid an Nabawi – Visit – Click Here



Swissotel Al Maqam Makkah Across From Al-Haram – Visit –  Click Here

Package Main Feature

  • Roundtrip airfare: We reserved several airlines for our groups, including Air Canada, Saudi Airlines, Lufthansa, and EgyptAir, etc. (Every applicant will receive his/her individual ticket by email).
  • Departure and return dates may vary from group to group, depending on the city of departure and airlines availability in their city. Therefore, it is extremely important that you check your individual ticket when you receive it.
  • Additional airline charges will apply for applicants who choose to travel by air to connect to the city of departure in Canada (exact flight itinerary will be provided).
  • Exclusive Smart VIP air-conditioned buses for transfers between cities and sightseeing are managed and arranged by Ministry of Hajj.
  • All obligatory Umrah and Hajj actions will be guided with a group leader, in order to ensure that you do not miss any action.
  • 4th Dhul Hajjah: arriving to Jeddah then Departure to Makkah by VIP bus.
  • From the 4th to the 14th of Dhul Hijjah: Registering & Settling at Swissotel Al-Maqam Makkah, the newest 5* hotel at the Clock Towers Complex. The hotel faces the Holy Kaaba and has direct access to Masjid Al Haram.
  • 8th Dhul Hijjah: travelling to Mina this is a first day of hajj.
  • 5 Nights in North American camp in Mina, upgraded and air-conditioned tent.
  • 13th Dhul Hijjah: Travel back to Makkah to your room at Swissotel Al Maqam Makkah at the Clock Towers Complex.
  • 14th of Dhul Hijjah: traveling to Madinah and staying until 21st Dhul Hajjah at Pullman Zamzam Hotel Madina. 5* Hotel– Across from Al-Masjid An-Nabawi in Madinah – about 1 minutes walk. Facing the Green dome.
  • Sightseeing tour in Madinah by private Labaykhajj Smart VIP air-conditioned buses.
  • Sofa beds will be provided. (Mena – Arafat) air- conditioned tent by Mutawwef.
  • Breakfast and dinner served via open buffet in Makkah, Madinah hotels.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner in Mina and Arafat, catered by a top-ranking Ministry approved catering firm.
  • Performance of Tawaaf Alifada and Tawaaf Al-Wadaa – organized by a group leader.
  • 21th Dhul Hijjah(August 11th 2020): Departure to Canada through Madinah Airport.
  • Hajj Mutawwef Fee – Hajj Bank draft – Sacrifice (Qurbani) are included, and done on time before 9 am on Eid day 10 Dhu al-hijjah. “Confirmation that your sacrifice is complete.”.
  • Canadian and Saudi Taxes are included.
  •  The package fee is calculated based on departures from Toronto and Montreal. For additional airline or bus tickets connecting other Canadian cities to one of the two cities, additional fees may apply.
  • Modification of your return date possible upon request subject to availability. If you wish to return earlier, please inform us by April 20,2020.

PACKAGE COST IN CAD Per Person: Tax included

$14,000/Person in Quad

$14,700/Person in Triple

$15,345/Person in Double

Our Religious Guidance

Our religious guidance provided by experienced leading scholars in English, French,
Arabic, and Urdu, you will have the opportunity to make your Hajj with following Imams:

Imam Anver Malam


Imam Dr. Shabir Ally

(GTA Toronto)


(GTA Toronto)

Sh. Junaid A. Bhaiyat

(GTA Toronto)


Imam Ali Danab


Bro. Hesham Alaghbari


Dr. Mohamed Mosloh


Imam Sherif Ayoup


Registration process: (First come first service)

Registration Form

Registration Process: (First Come First Served)

Visa Application & Payment Forms

Learn More about How To Perform Hajj and Umrah

Have any QUESTION?

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  • Your stay in Makkah at newly built prestige’s 5*hotels facing Haram (No Hajj-building).
  • Your stay in Madinah is newly remodeled prestige’s 4*hotels near the women entrance for Masjed al-Nabawi.
  • Madinah stay at Jewar Elsaqefa Hotel 4* located few minutes from AL-HARAM.
  • Non-shifting from one accommodation to another while you are staying in Makkah, Keep and access your room during the days of Hajj.
  • Enjoying the North American camp about 40 minutes walking distance from the Jamarat Bridge in Mena.
  • Accessibility to your room and luggage whenever you need. This will eliminate the worriedness of carrying and the safety of your personal valuable items.
  • Traveling by VIP buses between Mina- Arafa- Muszdalif-Mina.
  • Private Labaykhajj Smart VIP air-conditioned buses for transfers between cities and sightseeing, with hospitality on board.
  • Religious guidance provided by leading and experienced scholars in English, French, Arabic, Somali and Urdu.
  • Complimentary Premium VE Travel Hajj kit Backpack, personalized luggage tags, ihram for men and full 3-piece Islamic dress for women.
  • Insurance policy- travel insurance is available covering Health care, flight and luggage interruptions. The customer may file claims directly with his/her insurance provider if the customer has decided to purchase a travel insurance plan with the Hajj package.