How to create an account on Nusuk

Nusuk Registration

Follow these steps:

  1. Search for
  2. Create an account
  3. Select country of residence (Canada)
  4. Insert your email address and confirm
  5. Use OTP verification code sent in to your email (check your spam or junk mail folders from Nusuk)
  6. Create an account & password (follow the specifications)
  7. Once account has been successfully created, you will receive an email confirmation
  8. Login to your account
  9. Follow the prompts/guidelines for uploads and information
  10. Fill in all information accurately required
  11. Confirm submission
  12. Fill the Application form
  13. Add other family members (if applicable) under “My Family” section
    a. By adding a new family member, you are essentially committing to manage their application, select the appropriate package, and handle payments for the entire family. Please be aware that you have the flexibility to transfer these responsibilities to another family member at a later stage. You can add up to 8 members
    b. Please provide your family member’s email address for later activation of their account using an OTP.
  14. Submit Your application and it will be under review. You will receive a notification regarding your application status once the verification process is concluded.
  15. Once verified, you may login and may top up your e-wallet
  16. Wait for Hajj packages to appear on the Nusuk platform
  17. Thereafter, you may select the appropriate package
  18. Follow the payment guidelines to make payment
  19. You will receive payment confirmation with your Hajj spot secured
  20. You may apply for your Hajj Visa through your Nusuk account
  21. You may contact your Hajj service provider/Murshid/tour guide for the flight ticket

How to Edit Your Image?

  1. Use a photo editing software or search for “online image resizers”
  2. Microsoft Paint on most laptops and desktops
  3. Freely available apps on Appstore on both Android and Apply devices – using this software you can reduce contrast in order
    to reduce the reflections from holograms
    Note: This is not an exhaustive list and there are many other ways to edit images.

Still Getting Photo/Passport Rejection?

Try the following:

  1. Clear device cache
  2. Clear cookies
  3. Log out and Log back in to your Nusuk profile using another browser / device