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السلام عليكم

Hajj Registration Is Open For Hajj 2024

السلام عليكم
Asallamu alaikum my Canadian Muslim community

Are you planning to perform Hajj this year from Canada?

Did you know “Labayk Hajj” has provided services over 300 Canadian Muslims pilgrims in Hajj 2023 to book & perform hajj successfully?

Indeed, this represents approximately 25% of the Canadian Hajj quota.

This upcoming Hajj, we will be offering our service for Canadian Muslims through a partnership with an esteemed Saudi Hajj operator/service provider, aligned with the new guidelines and processes of the Ministry of Hajj.

Our licensed partnership with the Saudi company will guarantee a secure Hajj by the will of our Creator. With the support of a logistics team and top-tier Canadian Imams, ensuring your guided Hajj safe, comfortable, and free of confusion during the performance of your rituals.

Is it mandatory to submit a Hajj application exclusively through Nusuk?

Yes, every applicant must process their application through Nusuk, but this point is often misunderstood. The reality is that Hajj applications must be submitted through Nusuk, and anyone, including family members, friends, or experts in Nusuk such as the Labayk Hajj team, can handle the application. The success of the Hajj application depends on correct processing according to the Nusuk System, regardless of who applies, manages, or pays for it.

Does Nusuk care about who is behind the keyboard processing or typing your Hajj application?

Not at all. Nusuk is an electronic system, and the important aspect is following the process correctly, regardless of who is behind the scenes processing the application.

Registration Techniques for Hajj 2024:

1. First Approach (Smart technique):

2. Second Approach (Self- independent technique):

Comparison between the Hajj registration techniques:

Be smart and select the secured smart technique for a better outcome

What’s the plan for Hajj 2024?

Labaykhajj will be offering a few packages in this upcoming Hajj 2024 with partnership of an authorized Saudi service provider company to guarantee that the utmost level of care, customer service, quality and performance is provided to the Canadian pilgrims insha’Allah.

Before the Ministry of Hajj & Umrah publicizes the Hajj packages through the NUSUK system, we will let our registered applicants know:

Hajj 2024 Registration Process: (First Come First Service)




Payment Steps and Methods:

Payment Methods:

We will keep you updated with any updated policy requirements/changes and information by The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, or relevant Hajj authorities.