Embark on the Journey of a Lifetime

Labayk Hajj is excited to reveal our collaboration with “ITHRAA GROUP FOR PILGRIMS SERVICES,” one of
Saudi Arabia’s premier Hajj service providers. This partnership is dedicated to delivering an unparalleled
Hajj experience for our Canadian pilgrims, meticulously aligning with the most recent guidelines and
procedures set forth by the Ministry of Hajj.

ITHRAA GROUP FOR PILGRIMS SERVICES is renowned as a distinguished and comprehensive Hajj company dedicated to serving the guests of the Merciful. With a commitment to excellence, we strive to offer an exceptional and comfortable Hajj experience specifically tailored for our Canadian pilgrims. The Hajj packages for 2024 offered by Ithraa Alkhair for Canadian pilgrims seem to be carefully designed to cater to the preferences of comfort-seeking individuals. Here’s a breakdown of the key features mentioned:
  1. Six Types of Packages: Offering a variety of package options allows pilgrims to choose according to their preferences and budget, ensuring that there’s something suitable for everyone.
  2. Finest 5-Star Hotels: Accommodations are provided in top-notch 5-star hotels, which suggests luxury and comfort throughout the pilgrimage experience.
  3. Proximity to Holy Sites: The hotels are located at a 0 km distance from the Haram or Prophet’s Mosque, ensuring convenience and easy access for prayers and rituals.
  4. VIP Mina Camp Options: VIP Mina Camp options imply exclusive services and amenities during the stay in Mina, enhancing the overall experience for pilgrims.
  5. Departure and Return Airports: ITHRAA GROUP FOR PILGRIMS SERVICES understands the importance of flexibility for our pilgrims. Therefore, depending on the chosen package, pilgrims have the option to depart and return from Montreal, Toronto, or Vancouver airports. This
    flexibility allows pilgrims to select the departure and return airports that best suit their needs and preferences, ensuring a seamless and convenient travel experience throughout their Hajj journey.

Overall, these packages offer a blend of luxury, convenience, and spiritual fulfillment, aiming to provide Canadian pilgrims with a memorable and comfortable Hajj journey.

Register your interest:
If you have created or plan to create an account on Nusuk, you can request Labayk Hajj to send you the package information or code. This will enable you to easily book and pay directly through the Nusuk platform once it becomes available. By doing so, you can join Ithraa Group from Canada and benefit from the guidance of our top-tier Imams and group leaders throughout your Hajj journey.

H.E. Dr Tawfig Bin Fawzan Al Rabiah

Minister of Hajj and Umrah

Dr. Ahmed Sendi
Chairman of Ithraa Group

Director General of Ithraa Group

Mr. Mohammed Khan

LabaykHajj Canada
Mr. Bashir Mustafa
Chief Executive officer